All Players: $220

Playing members can pay their subs via the online store.

All clubs have costs and Knox Rugby is no different to any other non-profit organisation. Knox Rugby Club exists solely due to our membership, it is through your financial participation we are able to field 5 teams in Division 1.

Part of our strategy is to engage sponsors who thankfully tip in over 70% of the money it takes to keep the club alive. Therefore, the remaining 30% is up to us. It cost approx. $ 100,000.00 pa to run Knox Rugby, so please be conscious that your fees are essential to the survival of YOUR rugby club and bear in mind that not being a financial player could affect your insurances.

Some of the things your fees cover:

  • Polo, Training Tee, shorts and socks
  • New Jerseys
  • New gear such as hit shields, match balls
  • Canteen/BBQ/Bar assistance at all home games and major events such as Ladies Day & Brothers IV Brothers
  • Functions subsidies, bar tabs and social events
  • Physiotherapy cost, the tape and medical supplies
  • Medical insurances and insurances for the club in general
  • Field rental Council Fees and rates, and electricity costs.

Please Note: If you are concerned about fees please contact Ben Kooyman, Sue Stenning or Lachy Williams for a confidential discussion

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