kentwell cup 1964
Kentwell Cup 1964

Row: Pip Perry, Ross McDonald, Ian MacReady, Alan McDonald, Roger FitzSimons, Jim Graham, Phil Nowell, Charlie Cornell, Bob Keft, Chris Reynolds

Front Row: Bob Barr, Roger Knight, Jim Cooper, Robert Miller, Jack Harper, Steve O’Brian

Knox Rugby Club was founded in 1959 by Graham Robinson, Warwick Evans and Forbes Pratt – a group of school leavers who wanted to continue with the fun and camaraderie of the school playing fields.

Playing in Sydney’s grass-roots Suburban Rugby competition, one of the largest amateur rugby competitions in the world with over 5000 players turning out every weekend, the club has a storied history – soaring highs and plummeting depths (often in quick succession) marking it’s 60 year existence. 

Since 2002 Knox Rugby Club has enjoyed unprecedented success, abruptly relegated at the conclusion of the 1999 season, the club rallied and began a meteoric rise from the depths of fourth division and the brink of closure to the heights of first division, winning four consecutive first grade premierships and club championships in the process.

The success has continued as the club has cemented itself as a first division mainstay with 23 premierships since 2002 across all grades, 4 NSWRU Club Of The Year Awards and 5 Club Championships.

The ongoing strength of the club is only as good as it’s playing and administrative members – unwavering through the club’s history has been the tireless work of a dedicated group of volunteers. Since 2004 the club has honored key figures in the club’s history with life membership.


club history
Kentwell Cup Premiers 2005
Life Members
Dave Hartnell – 2004
Jim Graham – 2005
Phil Tuck – 2006
Ian King – 2007
Jack Shute – 2008
Ian Frame – 2009
Grahame Pratt – 2010
Scott Tunbridge – 2011
Marilyn Buchanan – 2013
Gerry Alldis – 2015
Richard Martyr – 2015
David Uttley – 2015
Gus Fergusson – 2019
Bryn Robertson – 2019
Jon Bonwick – 2019
500 Games
Al Bennet
Ian MacLaughlan
400 Games
Angus Fergusson
Nick Nilsson
300 Games
David Hartnell
Jon Bonwick
Scott Tunbridge
John O’Loughlin
Geoff Silver
Andrew Blamey
Ben Kooyman
Bryn Robertson
Jefferson Grainger
Scott Robertson
Alisdair Davey
Nick Hamley
David McKernan
Richard Martyr
Suburban Rugby Representatives players: Robert Fitzsimons (66), Roger Knight (66), Dan Hickson (80-82), Phil Tuck (80-85), Lester Stump (82), Bruce Peden (83), Scott Laycock (87), Andy Martyr (90), Stu Reed (90), Chris Waite (96), Guy Wilkonson (97), Richie Lingard (03), Hamish Bayliss (04-05), Mike Smith (06), Oliver Sheer (06,07), Stewart Graham (05-07), Rohan “Mammoth” Cook (07), Paul Nash (07), Dan Morelli (08), Jonathan Manu (10), Richard Woolf (13)
NSW Colts 7s Team: Ed Gellert (14), Michael Docker (15)
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