Club Physio

The club physio regularly attends training nights to provide physio services and injury management advice. Sessions held outside of training / game day are at the cost of the player and can be arranged directly with the club physio.


As part of your registration, insurance is provided through Rugby AU.  Please note, this insurance is not a substitute for private health coverage or Medicare.

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2022 Insurance FAQs

Process if you are injured and seek to claim on insurance (as at May 2022)

If you wish to make a claim or notify an incident for General Liability, Professional Indemnity or Management Liability, please contact Aon.

To submit a claim under the personal injury policy follow the steps below.

Step 1

Complete the Rugby Australia Injury Report form and select ‘Yes’ to Make Insurance Claim. Please note players participating in School based competitions are not eligible to make an insurance claim.

Step 2

Confirmation of your injury report form submission will be sent via email to the relevant Club/School/Union/Event contact.

Step 3

SLE (The Claims Manager) will provide instructions on how to complete the claim lodgment to the players email address noted in the Injury Report form.

Step 4

SLE (The Claims Manager) will contact you for more information if necessary. Depending on the nature of the claim, this may include:

  • Club Secretary Declaration
  • Employer Declaration
  • Medical Certificate(s)

Step 5

If your claim is approved, Payment or Payments will be made via EFT to your nominated bank account.

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