Meet Brad Corban – 2nd Grade Head Coach

Another new addition to the grade coaching team, Brad Corban is coming in to wear a couple of hats at Knox, looking after The Head Coach role for 2nd Grade as well as 1st Grade’s forwards. We sat him down for a few quick questions.

Meet Brad Corban - 2nd Grade Head Coach »

Earliest Rugby memory?

For me it was the cold winter frosts in the mornings and running around with no boots on. That and the half time oranges that kept me going!

Favourite Rugby memory?

Either going back to back in high school… Rhat was a good accomplishment, playing with your friends was the most enjoyable memories! But also something that stands out for me was the first rep team I ever made. That was when I realised what rugby was about and learnt a lot from being in that environment.

How was your COVID lockdown?

That was an interesting time for me, I had just moved from New Zealand and then had to fly home because my grandfather was sick. Flying home during COVID and then not getting let on the plane back into Sydney afterwards, along with the 2 week isolation in a hotel room was definitely an experience I won’t forget! I’m just glad to be back and apart of the Knox family.

Why are you excited for the 2020 season?

I am excited this season because I have come into an environment where the players have been driving a lot of what we do, which means I know they want to win. They are a great bunch and have welcomed me with open arms.
I’m looking forward to learning how the Australia system works and what I can do to help Knox get some wins on the board and win a Championship.

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